A Relocator's Guide to Naples, Florida

A Relocator's Guide to Naples, Florida

  • John O’Neill
  • 07/25/22

Shopping luxury homes for sale in Park Shore is exciting. There are ample options to choose from, and the surroundings are downright breathtaking. With gorgeous weather and plenty to do, many home buyers entering this area for the first time fall in love with their beautiful surroundings. Even long-time Florida residents find themselves drawn in by the attraction of fresh-caught seafood and the lure of sandy, sunlit beaches.
With your very own guide to Naples, Florida, you can create a plan for relocating that represents a seamless blend of business and pleasure. Best of all, you'll know exactly what you're looking for and where to find it.

Buy property in the nation's top emerging real estate market

The Emerging Markets Housing Index has recently ranked Naples, Florida as the nation's top emerging real estate market. In 2021, the area saw a 26 percent increase in property sales. This is important to keep in mind as you tour your options in Pelican Bay houses for sale or walk through condos for sale in Pine Ridge Estates. Not only does this mean that local properties have an incredibly high long-term profit potential, but it also means that you'll be searching for your next home along with a fair amount of competition. Moreover, knowledgeable buyers will be just as motivated as you.
Navigating the local market in this climate is guaranteed to be easier when you have a reputable real estate agent on your team. With the help of an agent, you can submit offers that stand out. You can also gain access to a number of exclusive listings.

Get ready for sunshine

Naples gets an average of 2,700 hours of sunshine each year. Fortunately, although there are beaches just about everywhere in the region, Naples doesn't have a tropical climate. Instead, it's got a continental climate that's slightly less humid and more temperate all around. Average highs for Naples top out at just 85 degrees. Notwithstanding this fact, you still want to look for homes that are built for comfort and efficiency.
If you're shopping luxury estates for sale in Pelican Bay, look for options with zoned heating and cooling systems or ductless mini-split air conditioning. These cooling systems allow residents to selectively cool only those areas of their homes that they're actively using. With ample square footage, selective cooling minimizes carbon footprints, keeps energy costs low, and allows for customized comfort for everyone.
If you're looking at townhomes in Pine Ridge Estates, check for options with plenty of natural shade. A townhome that's surrounded by fairly tall trees will allow for year-round comfort, even when local temperatures soar beyond the norm. Although it isn't excessively hot in Naples, it is fairly warm nearly all of the time. For new Florida residents, adapting to the change in climate is always less challenging with the right home features in place.

You'll have plenty of options for quality education at every level of learning

The high-profit potential of Naples as a top-rated emerging market, the location's temperate weather, and its countless beaches aren't the only reasons why savvy families are targeting this location. Pelican Bay single-family homes put people within close distance of some amazing options in education.
There are top-rated K-12 schools throughout Naples. Moreover, Naples is served by four different well-known universities: Ave Maria School of Law, Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology, Keiser University Naples, and Hodges University.
Whether you have kids that attend public or private school or intend to have kids in the future, you'll have plenty of worthwhile schools to choose from. This is even an excellent location for professionals who are looking to advance their degrees, become licensed to practice law, or boost their earning potential through continuing education.

Each neighborhood in Naples holds its own unique appeal

There's good reason to spend some time traveling around Naples and getting a feel for each of its neighborhoods before attempting to set down roots. Most important among these is diversity.
Every location is different and each has its own unique appeal. For instance, if you're looking for brand new construction and want a home on a massive lot, the Pine Ridge Community is an excellent choice.
Waterfront communities like Port Royale will give you optimum levels of privacy via limited land access. Apart from a single-street entrance, Port Royale is only accessible by boat. Park Shore will put your right near the Tamiami Trail where you can take long, scenic Sunday drives and explore the everglades.
There are older communities throughout Naples with existing construction from the 1960s, and some of these homes offer as much as 4,000 square feet of living space. Although Naples itself seems novel to buyers coming from different areas, it has a storied history, a diverse culture, and a lot to offer. Taking a minute to find out exactly how each neighborhood differs from the others in terms of architecture, lot size, natural features, and community amenities will help you avoid committing to a property that requires compromise when your dream home lies just around the corner.

Naples golfers can choose between equity and non-equity memberships at local clubs

Naples is a prime destination for avid golfers. After all, there are multiple clubs and general courses to choose from, and various ways to play. If you intend to join a private golf club after moving to Naples, it's important to understand the different membership structures that you'll find locally. There are equity and non-equity clubs in the region, with equity clubs being both the most costly and the most exclusive. Whereas non-equity clubs are typically owned by third-party developers, equity clubs are owned by members themselves.
As partial club "owners", equity club members benefit from appreciation, have the opportunity to elect Board of Directors members, and enjoy a range of amenities and other benefits that aren't available through other membership types. Equity clubs also tend to have far fewer members overall, which means scoring a preferred time to play is generally easy. Top-rated golf clubs in Naples, Florida include Royal Ponciana Golf Club, Hole in the Wall Golf Club, Naples Grande Golf Club, and Country Club of Naples.

Beaches, beaches, everywhere

Situated in sunny Southern Florida, Naples boasts some of the very best beaches in the state. If you like sunning yourself by the shore, you'll never have to travel far. However, just like Naples neighborhoods, each beach in this city has its own unique appeal. Those who love paddleboarding and picnics will enjoy Lowdermill Park. Lowdermill Park has a grassy picnic area, showers, barbecue grills, public restrooms, and rentals for watersports.
Less crowded than Lowdermill Park is Clam Pass Park. Located in North Naples, this is a family-friendly beach that has low coastal vegetation and gorgeous white sand. There's a small restaurant, public restroom facilities, and a free tram that shuttles visitors to and from the parking area. There's also Vanderbilt Beach Park, Naples Pier, Delnor-Wiggins Pass Park, and more. If you take the time to tour them all, you're guaranteed to find the perfect beaches for napping, jogging, cycling, surfing, and fishing among other things.

Naples is highly walkable

Photo Courtesy of Third Street Farmers Market
There's also plenty of shopping in Naples. Although every Naples neighborhood still earns a walkability score, with warm, temperate weather all the time and plenty of retail shops spread throughout the city, there are very few locations that won't put you within strolling distance of something good to eat, fun to do, and interesting to see. Shopping-wise, Naples is a consumer's paradise. You can buy one-of-a-kind artwork at KAJ Gallery or HW Gallery, purchase fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables at the Third Street Farmers Market, or at Oakes Farms Seed to Table. You can also lose yourself in one of Naples' many shopping malls including The Village Shops on Venetian Bay, Tin City, Coastland Center, or Waterside Shops.

The summer months can be torrential

If you love sunshine but have an equal appreciation of rain, don't fret. When the sun isn't shining in Naples, it's often raining. From June to September, locals can expect to see about eight inches of rain each month. Moreover, these rains tend to come while the temperatures are still fairly high. In the right home, falling asleep to the sound of warm summer rain can be downright blissful. Best of all, when the skies clear, you'll always be just a stone's throw away from a sandy beach, a grassy golf course, or a hiking trail with views that take your breath away.

Naples has a robust job market

Despite being ranked as the nation's second best place to retire, Naples, FL has a robust job market. In fact, Naples was recently ranked number one in the nation for job growth. This is excellent news for investors seeking rental properties. With ample opportunities for locals to work and the ability for Naples residents to earn livable, comfortable wages, finding high-quality tenants to fill investment rentals is always a breeze.
At O'Neill Residential, we're delighted by all that Naples, Florida has to offer. That's why we're committed to giving both real estate buyers and sellers in the area the support they need for reaching their goals. If you're currently shopping for a home in Naples, need to find a Naples rental, or have a home that you'd like to sell, get in touch with us today.

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